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Wellcome to Delphis site

Vellcome to my website

Hello all

Wellcome to the english version of my site, my website is quite new, so not much on it yet, but its the plan it will contain a bit about all my interests, wich is, my garden, my art, my photographing and what else I run around a doing here 😀

See you all soon, Charlotte ( Delphis )

Site in English

Hello all

Since my main site is in danish, I will make this webpage in english, for all  who doesnt understand danish 🙂 🤩

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Hej. Tusind tak, du skal være meget velkommen, men det er i Pandrup, ikk...

30.05 | 07:01

Der ser rigtig hyggeligt ud i din have - du har lidt samme havestil som jeg. ...

20.11 | 20:57

Tillykke! Nu er du godt i gang med kommentarer på din hjemmeside. ...